Our clients are the most important part of our business.  We are here to help and work with you to grow yours through ensuring all your business communications are as clear and concise as possible.

"We have been using your services and have found them incredibly helpful when communicating with our major core English speaking markets of UK and US. 

Business Support - the accuracy understanding and reflecting our needs and intentions is excellent, as is your confidentiality, reliability and trustworthiness.

Fluency Support  – have made a real difference to our staff's confidence which has had a marked improvement in our customer and supplier relations.


​I would recommend you to all businesses where English is a second language as it has definitely helped us reach further into our core markets, and has given us a competitive edge over our competition."

CEO and Owner - Hong Kong Printer

‘The weekly ‘conversation sessions’ (fluency sessions) with our Customer Services team have helped build a really strong relationship with our English-speaking customers. Worth every penny’’  

CEO - Indian Callcenter

‘Well done your ‘email support’ helped us win a major contract, as well as improve our written English!!’ 

German - IT Consultants 

‘Thank you for all your helpful support’’ 

Sales Director – Chinese Manufacturer

'The benefits to our business were significant.  We wish we had come across you far earlier'

Sales Director - French Retailer

For confidentiality purposes names of businesses and individuals have been withheld.  However, we did seek permission for one quote that could be used as a reference:

“We have known and worked with Nick Kenney for many years, and have found him professional, reliable, and trustworthy."


Wendy Lok CEO and Owner of Bailishi Hong Kong and the Joy Prints Corporation.

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