The global language of business is English

'In business, speaking English has always been an advantage, but today, writing it is essential'

This can be a competitive disadvantage for those companies whose first language is not English, especially as the majority of all business interactions are now written - email, text, blog, website, catalogue - and making mistakes can confuse, even lose, the confidence of your customers.  The right words can be the difference between winning and losing. 


We have all experienced examples of poorly written text.  Every clumsy sentence, spelling mistake and grammatical error undermines the Brand and the writer themself. 

We support companies that need to use English to grow their business but struggle with using it.  This is especially relevant for those who use it as a 'bridge language', because when messaging is unclear it runs the risk of damaging development and success.

There are too many examples of businesses losing orders (even customers) because of miscommunication eroding customer confidence.

Instead, our company is focused on delivering business English, ensuring your crucial communications are as clear, concise, and understood as possible.

Think of us as an insurance policy. We wait in the background ready to help, and as we charge a modest monthly retainer, we are available whenever you need us.

All our 'Support' editors and tutors have extensive business experience and are native English speakers.

Online translation sites are not the solution as they lack accuracy and confuse the intended message, harming your business, rather than supporting it. (See 'Translation sites')

Smiling with a Headset


Communication is so crucial in business

Our dedicated team will give you confidence in your use of English:

  • by supporting your written communications ensuring they are clear and concise and exactly the message you intended to make

  • by improving your key employees' fluency (conversation and comprehension skills) through regular weekly practice sessions

  • by working with both UK and US English​.

We can review anything that is important to you - be it email, letter, marketing, blog, website or catalogue (we do not work with professional legal nor financial documents). We normally do not write from scratch, but take your written English text (we do not write it for you) and make your message as clear as possible so ensuring that your style and personality are reflected as much as possible.  We will rewrite it as many times as it takes in order to make it perfect for you.

We could also explain what an over-complicated piece of correspondence means, to ensure that you are absolutely clear before having to act upon it.​

Meeting Between Colleagues


Confidential content 


We are very aware that there are always very understandable concerns re confidentiality of content.  

For those who have such issues we would refer you to Kenney Consultancy where we specialise is helping clients who have ultra confidential material they need help with.



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